Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sneak Preview of Posts to Come

-Buying a PS2 game from '03 on ebay...will I feel dirty?

-Trying to get fit...will I become awesome?

-Taking on big utilities...will this help me get special perks with customer service?

This might be the most awesome preview ever.

On this blog.

Open Letter to a Douche Bag

Dear Mr. Bag:

You've ruined a young man's dream. How? Your stupid company telling me how to improve my resume (and upon further inspection of your profile, how to improve my erection) has stolen http://awe-some.blogspot.com/. That's how.

This is not awesome.

You suck and I hope you burn in hell.

Awesomely Yours,

R to the Dukes

The Beginning

Or perhaps the end.

What is Aw-some? It's a blog. That is, contrary to the spelling, going to be awesome. In short, we will be dedicated to all things awesome. Coupled with this task is mentioning all those things that aren't awesome.

So really, this thing is about deciding what is awesome and what is not. I think we're up for it.