Friday, August 17, 2007

Burning Crosses...Not Awesome.

Not sure if we've mentioned this previously, but the Aw-Some blog officially opposes the Ku Klux Klan and, more generally, racism.

Today on Chicago Public Radio's 848 , Rob Wildeboar put together a terrific story about the White Pride Festival recently held at the, I KKKid you not, International Headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan just outside of South Bend, Indiana. For the full report, go here.

Tons of great stuff contained in the report, plus the website has a slideshow of supporters that you can laugh at, feel pity for, or just be awed by. I've selected a few highlights to comment on. This is the first in a series of occassional comments on the White Pride Festival...

The highlight for the tens of people in attendance was most definitely the cross-burning. Regarding the proper way to burn a cross, the Imperial Douche-bag had this to say:

"The key to a good cross is in the wood. It's definitely in the wood, then myself, I prefer to wrap it in burlap cause that's traditional. You know some may use carpet what have you but I'm just picky cause I believe in the old ways for the most part."

Say what you will about the Klan and the intelligence of its membership, but you gotta give this guy credit for being old-school. I mean, he's bringing it back to the basics. The new generation may try to get away with some carpet from their mother's basement, but this old-timer understands that, in order to send a strong message, you need good wood and some decent burlap.

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