Thursday, August 9, 2007

Do as I say...not as these guys do

You may or may not have had the awesome pleasure of watching Japanese game shows while getting drunk before going out to a bar to get more drunk. I have, and as I am 1 of 2 purveyors awesomeness here, they rule.

Here is an entire genre of television dedicated to people destroying themselves in pursuit of paltry prizes or cash. Since the shows are broadcast in Japanese and then dubbed with innuendo laced commentary I can only imagine what they are really saying about the contestants. Mostly I just say, "FUCK!!"

Below you will see a brief clip of said events. This is a montage of awesome and should he held as a dual benchmark. One for awesomely funny and one for how not to be awesome.

C4us3 I am 3117 I h4ve fixed teh vid3o!!1!11!

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