Monday, August 27, 2007

Is it...Really?

If you read below you can see R. Dukes's live blog of the UFC "event" on Saturday night. I use the term "event" lightly as it was 3 dudes, a PlayStation, and some beer. Awesome if you're married...I'm not so this gets entered into the some-what awesome category (I reserve the right to change the status of this at anytime based upon the fact I can do what ever I want to).

So we watched a 3 good hours of man on man "professional" violence. The whole time a decent portion of the octagon was covered in blood. No, not a pool of blood, but someone in an earlier bout really bled a lot. Well after the title bout, which for a change lasted more than 47 seconds, they began to show one of the previous matches. Seeing as I paid my portion of the $60 buy-in I wanted to see the guy who bled all over the place. AMERICA! Fuck yeah!!

Nope, they didn't show it. When I spoke with the Dukes this morning right before he dumped out he said that the UFC chose not to show the previous nights blood-bath in a flailing effort to maintain the "professional" standard of a sport that is all about 2 guys beating the shit out of each other. Yet strangely enough, near the end of the Pay-Per-View extravaganza, there was a promo for the upcoming season of the Ultimate Fighter TV show. On this promo they had 2 short interviews with the new coaches for both teams and then about 4 minutes of twenty-something men breaking shit, kicking in doors, spitting at one another, cursing, and fighting outside of the "professional" setting that is the UFC Octagon.

OK, I get it. You want to establish yourself as a legitimate sport with professional fighters, we'll call it boxing minus Don King, but then why do you insist on having a reality-show in search of the next generation of "professional" fighters and recruit all but giant fucking meat-heads to be on it. I am all for calling things for what they are but this is not even close.

Lesson of the day...UFC 74: RESPECT didn't earn mine.

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