Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jimmy Rollins is not awesome...

If you happen to be a Cubs fan. I'll have to check the stats (yeah, right) but I think it's safe to say that he's a Cubs-killer. He can flat-out play. The last few games, he's hit, stolen bases, and played solid defense against the Cubbies.

He's pretty "now" if you're a Phillies fan. And by "now", I mean...wait, I don't know what the fuck that means. Damn you, ESPN! Stop doing stupid segments on "who's more now". The senseless term is creeping into my vocab. Not awesome.

Perhaps you improve the segment by trying to decide "who's more awesome?" That's definitely more quantifiable. If you're looking for panelists, I know a couple of, ahem, guys that could probably help out.

If ESPN doesn't pick this up, maybe OM and RDukes could create our own bracket tourney.

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