Saturday, August 25, 2007

Live Blogging for Real

Herb Dean is the ref, as called by the dude hosting this rocking UFC party.

Gonzaga gets booed. Those fans are stupid. Go Gabriel!

I promise to be as fair as I can be on this. But I'm rooting for Gonzaga.

Couture has a 10 minute long introduction by the poor man's Michael Buffer. Je-sus Christ.

Still going. Are you kidding me.

All right, her we go.

Apparently, Couture's into something called, "dirty boxing". Care to define that, fellas?

Another great line by the commentators: Randy wants to "impose his will on his opponent". Great analysis.

Joe Rogan: "Randy loves these battles of wills". Again, thanks for the insight.

My round 1 thoughts: I don't think Rogan and Goldberg could be slurping Randy Couture any harder. C'mon guys. His ball-sac is sweaty. Get it out of your mouths.

'Thrope just ripped ass. Man he stinks.

Looks like Gonzaga's busted nose will cause him to lose.

A busted nose doesn't look like a fun time...especially against someone who specializes in "dirty boxing".

I'm going to concentrate on the fight...I'll be back shortly.

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