Saturday, August 25, 2007

Live Blogging from house with UFC event...

All right case you were too cheap to purchase the PPV event, here's your live results:
GSP just whooped Crackhead Koscheck. Pretty sweet. Looked like Koscheck didn't have enough meth in the back room.

Couture is about to get whooped.

And sorry to save the best for last, but I, of course, won my Madden game against a lesser opponent.

Randy Couture just said he's going to "beat the dog crap" out of his opponent. That's awesome.

Gonzaga's intro music...not awesome.

Joe Rogan and the other tool who handles commentary for UFC...they suck ass and are not awesome.

Big ups to Bud Select for sponsoring this evening of live blogging. Although, next time, it'd be way better if you guys didn't make us pay for the beer.

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