Friday, August 10, 2007

Netflix vs. Blockbuster

So I am on a quest to figure out which one is more awesome. I am a Netflix subscriber and have been for a few years. It was great in the beginning as it was yet another step in my never ending quest to not have to leave my apartment. Really only thing that is preventing this from being a reality is chicks. If only there was some way I could have the ladies come to me rather than me and me not having to pay for it. Its a work in progress.

But I digress...

So lets look at the finer points of both and maybe we can make a decision.

1- Plenty of new and old movies to choose from.
I am going to have to go with a tie on this one as I am only a NF subscriber and would only suspect that BB is as expansive.
2- Porn.
FAIL!!! I am still left to get my adult related content from various sources on the inter webs.
3- Turn around time.
This I am going to have to give to BB. They let you go to the nearest store and trade in your movies for the next one in your queue. No NF stores = boo.
4- Mormons.
Clear winner here is NF. Uh oh Mr. BB do not pass Go, do not collect any gold plates, do not collect $200. Go straight to Utah. You lose.
5- Online viewing.
Right now NF is the winner winner but BB just bought a service to do this too.
6- Used to work there.
I never worked for NF. Therefore they win. Although BB was nice enough to provide me with the beginnings of my unimpressive film library.

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