Friday, August 24, 2007

Preparing for the big Madden '08 Showdown and UFC

Tomorrow night should be a pretty awesome night. I've got big plans that involve whooping ass in Madden and then watching totally hetero guys whooping each others asses in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

So my prediction for Madden is simple: I will win.

I don't have predictions for UFC, but here's who I'd like to win:
-I hope that Gabriel Gonzaga beats Randy "Clothes" Couture.
-I hope that GSP beats Koscheck.
-I don't care much about the other fights.

This is a pretty weak post, I have to admit. But the readers were clamoring for some more posting...figure I'd teach them a lesson demonstrating what happens when the two of them get pushy.

You can't force awesome, or aw-some for that matter, folks.

Have you learned nothing from this blog yet? I can only comment on this blog when something strikes me as awesome. In a way, I have to be inspired, just like the great artists of our world.

My sense is that I'll have some awesome moments this weekend. Until then, hold your fucking horses. Besides, I allegedly have a partner on this blog. And I know for a fact that his standards for awesome-ness are way lower than mine. Send your complaints him. His name is Douchenthrope.

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