Friday, August 24, 2007

A Rejoinder to the Blockbuster vs. Netflix comment a while back

I've been meaning to comment on Misanthrope's "Blockbuster vs. Netflix: Which is more awesome?" post. Before I start disagreeing with Mr. Thrope, I first would like to commend him for addressing one of the tough issues in the field of awesome/not awesome. Now let me make a better argument and arrive at a different conclusion.

And let me begin with that conclusion: Blockbuster is a better service.
Reason 1: for the same price as the Netflix packages, I get a better deal at Blockbuster. I get the same number of movies from their online catalogue, but I have the option of exchanging those movies in the physical Blockbuster store for additional titles. I'm not a great counter of things, but I'm pretty sure that means I get more movies per month for my fee. (Additionally, Blockbuster recently sent me a $10 coupon that reduced the price of Madden '08).

That's really the only reason. Other than that, Blockbuster sucks. But I don't buy the argument that Netflix is better and cooler because it's not as big a corporation (not that Misanthrope made such an argument). It's still a big fucking corp., and it doesn't compare financially to a local video store that struggles to get by.

Also, not sure what 'Thrope's comment about Blockbuster being Mormon was about. I just wikipedia'd that shit, and there's no mention of Mormon in the entry. My only thought is that he's referring to their history of selective moral posturing. For a while the chain did not offer "controversial" films like Last Temptation of Christ. I'm fairly certain that policy is no longer in effect, now that Blockbuster has realized that moral posturing doesn't help the bottom line (especially when they rent the entire series of Jerry Springer videos).

To wrap up this post, I do agree on one of 'Thrope's points: these two rental giants need to start renting porn. That would be totally awesome.

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