Thursday, September 13, 2007

10965 and 1

Today is the day after that day for me. Yep ya'all yesterday was my birthday. Was it awesome. You fucking bet my unwelcomed spare-tire it was. I got to go to work and watch two movies from my desk. I was just shy of putting my feet up on my desk and hanging out. The only reason I didn't was my P.O.S. chair is like 2 degrees shy of a comfortable angle. Also yesterday I got to play with a new laptop that we are "evaluating". I like this kind of stuff so i made it my priority for the day. After work I met R Dukes and another guy and some ladies at a restaurant for dinner. Good dinner, good drinks, and the Cubs won!!! The only strange part of the night was when one of the owners of the restaurant engaged my in a standoff over the validity of my ID. For about 3 solid minutes she held fast on her position that I had to get my licence renewed. To which I agreed and though it was over. Basically our conversation went something like this...

"You need a new one (ID)"

"I know. It expires today."

"But you're going to need to get a new one!"

"I know. It expires today though"

"You're going to have to get a new one cause we cant serve you if its invalid."

"I know but it expires today"

"You need to get a new one or you could get a ticket after midnight"

"I know but it's still good"

This went on back and forth until she gave my ID back. This whole conversation wasn't really necessary as I already had a beer given to me by the other bartender. Nonetheless this was an interesting opener.

Later El Duque and I went to a bar for a couple more and to possible see Rhode Island. To my dismay Rhode Island wasn't there but they had plenty of beer in we had a couple.

All in all a good night. If Jenny from the block had been there I could have tried to ask for her phone number again, but she wasn't. Last time I tried I got shot down but since it was my birthday I could have asked for it as a present.

Thanks to everybody for hanging. Good night out!

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Zachary said...

So driver's licenses are *not* like dairy products: good for 7 days after the sell-by date?