Monday, September 10, 2007

My Awesome, Tri-athelete Wife is Awesome-er than your Better Half

Now, I don't presume to know anything about that special person in your life. But one thing I know for sure, he or she isn't nearly as awesome as my wife.

My wife is much more awesome for any number of reasons...most of which involve her being my wife and putting up with me. But today, I bring you a reason that has nothing to do with putting up with me.

My beautiful bride completed a tri-athalon. Not only that, but she kicked that 3-event sport's ass! Above, you can see her in the blue cap already passing those jerks in the yellow caps who were in the heat before my wife. I believe this is the point during the swim where she (probably) yelled, "Get the fuck out my way you yellow-capped douche bags!"

It's also pretty awesome that my wife likes to call people douche bags (she started that a few months back). She has a pretty good douch-o-meter. So you know that RDukes can't be a douche-bag if she married me (I blew zeroes on the douch-o-meter).

She ran a tri-athalon and that makes her tri-awesomer than all you fools.

I'm so getting laid after she reads this. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but is your wife inflatable...mine is! How do you like that awesome?

Erik said...

triathlons are for pussies. i'm running a marathon.

that's like, way harder.