Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can I get a.....

Do you know whats not awesome?

Trying to buy something that is hard to find. I have been trying for the last couple days and all I am left with is one question...

Can a brother get a Wii?

By the topic of this post you can guess the answer to that question. I have taken to extreme measures in order to procure one. I have installed a widget on my desktop that will notify me when certain retailers have one in stock. I also have bookmarked anther page that will show me similar results. I am looking into buying one via EBay but I am still a little sketchy on that avenue.
As of today there was one retailer that had one available and that was Walmart. First of all its Walmart (automatic disqualification). Secondly the bundle they were offering was $650 before taxes. Although this was a "good deal" it is still a little more that I wanted to spend. If jesus would stop hating me for a minute I may be able to get one.

AS of right now I am resolved to get one soon but that may wait based on other needs. Nonetheless though I am going to get one of those bastards before the spring when they release a Star Wars game based on using lightsabers. In complete contrast to this post the fact that there will be a lightsaber game is TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME!!!11!

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erik said...

$650??? what the hell is bundled with it? a car?