Monday, October 15, 2007

I needed more Cowbell, but the Dude didn't oblige.

We're getting a bit heavy on YouTube clips, but that's mostly because the two contributors for this blog are too lazy to write a post without a prop to comment on. In keeping with that tradition...

I attended a wedding the other night. It was at a swank place. And that can only mean one thing: top-shelf liquor and an open bar. Because I'm a man of limited means, I like to take advantage of these situations by starting my night with a few Jameson's on the rocks. Then I move on to Heineken or Amstel Light, depending on my mood. I did just that and as tends to happen, I reached the awesome zone. For those not familiar, the awesome zone is that perfect moment while drinking when you have a good buzz going but yet are still coherent enough to discuss political philosophy, if necessary. It's a great place to be, and 2 Jameson's will usually get me there.

Unfortunately, I wasn't in the awesome zone for long. I spent maybe a half hour there before moving on to, well, just being drunk. Thankfully, there were plenty of folks more drunk than me. However, I was with the in-laws (who rarely, if ever, enter the awesome zone, let alone get drunk), so I still had to watch myself.

I didn't do anything to get me in trouble the next day. I did bust out a few sweet dance moves (stole Seth Rogen's rolling dice move from Knocked Up--used it almost exclusively, in fact). Then I noticed that the live band had a cowbell player. I tried so hard to get that dude to bang the fuck out of that thing by quoting Chris Walken's Bruce Dickenson in that awesome SNL clip. I was unsuccessful the first time. But that didn't stop me. I tried three more times, but apparently the douche bag hadn't seen the SNL sketch I was referencing.

Or, maybe the guy was just trying to do his job and was ignoring me. From my perspective, though, he missed an opportunity to be awesome. In honor of my attempt, I share the "More Cowbell" clip.

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Zachary C said...

Did you attitudes on misbehavin' in Boston come up