Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm no Chomsky, but bad words on TV = awesome.

I have to admit, one of the reasons I love most all shows on HBO is the filthy, filthy language (and boobies, or more recently on "Tell Me You Love Me", old man cock). I swear a whole bunch, and I like it when the TV, movies, and books I consume use colorful language as well. Rings more true to me.

So, I've been pleasantly surprised with recent developments in non-HBO TV. Now, shows on FX like "Rescue Me", "Nip/Tuck", and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" have used everything minus the Fuck-bomb for a while now. Shit, pussy, bitch, asshole: all are fair game in those shows, and I appreciate that. The good shows plus the swearing (and partial nudity) almost get it up to HBO territory.

But I post today to applaud the uptick in inappropriate language on other channels like CW and TBS. They still aren't going all the way, but I'm hearing more bitches and, more importantly, douche bags. In fact, the slightly above-average "My Boys" on TBS had an entire episode dealing with heavy subject matter: one of the main characters was acting like a "douche bag". Now that's terrific television.

I can only hope that the networks continue down this path toward filth. My life will be more enjoyable. And, my inappropriate language will become more mainstream.

So fuck you and your douche bag kids, bitches.

(Please note that I resisted posting an image of a douche bag to accompany this post. I'd like folks to know, however, that a Google image search for "douche bag" comes up with a picture of Bill O'Reilly and a few pictures of the lead singer from 'Thrope's favorite band in the world, Creed.)


Anonymous said...

Why do you hate Scott Stapp so much. His lyrics touch my soul.

RDukes said...

If Scott Stapp had staph infection that would be fitting.