Thursday, October 11, 2007

Official Friday Awesomeness

I appreciate 'Thrope getting the party started right for Friday with some good 'ol Giraffe fighting. In keeping with that theme, here are some humans actually fighting.

And this, my friends, is the reason hockey, when played properly (like in this clip), is an awesome sport. It doesn't get more awesome than dudes on skates trying to kick the shit out of each other. This was all in one game.

Tonight at RDukes' soccer game (we won both, thank you very much), a hockey game broke out when some douche stupidly threw a punch at one of our players. We had more guys, however, and we were bigger (and by bigger, I basically mean fatter). What an idiot. He got put on the ground ASAP.

Then one of my buddies jumped in an "attempt" to break up the fight. How did he do that? By punching some other guy in the back of the head. Pretty sure he broke his hand. So what do we learn from this incident? 3 things.

1. Don't throw a punch when the other team has more guys and are bigger than your team.

2. Don't try to break up a fight by throwing an additional punch (doesn't really send the right message).

3. Don't punch people in the back of their head, because it's more likely than not harder than your fist (unless you're talking about a baby's head--which you probably shouldn't be punching anyhow).

Man, I drops knowledge.


an optimistic misanthrope said...
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an optimistic misanthrope said...

At first I thought..."Well this is a 4 minute clip and the fightig is over after the first 30 seconds. But then I was all like, "OOOH!! I see what Dukes did there..."