Monday, November 5, 2007

Yes! More Douche-ery on CW.

I just started recording "Aliens in America". I'm on my second episode, and the show just went way up in my cool book.

Why? Two douche references within 30 seconds.

The show has some decent social commentary about acceptance, treatment of immigrants in the U.S. in a post-9/11 world and all that good stuff. But c'mon, pushing the envelope of acceptable language is way more important.

And by the way, let me take this moment to declare something not at all awesome: any show, I'm looking at you "Battlestar Galactica", that instead of using actual curse words uses fake swear words like "frac". Though a seemingly clever way to use the word fuck, this instead is as cool as using "fudge". I like this show (though I haven't spent nearly enough time plowing through the newer series), but this is pretty douchey. While the writers are at it, why not add "shoot", "darn" and "a-hole" to the lexicon.

"Battlestar Galactica" could learn a lesson from the shows on CW: take the incremental steps toward a better society and use the tools at your disposal (douche, bitch, asshole, shit, and maybe even shitballs). Don't go trying to start some new words that emulate "bad" words. That's like giving the gays civil unions instead of just letting them experience, uh, joy of real marriage. It's second-class and wrong.


an optimistic misanthrope said...

Well this is me showing my nerd side but the fact that BSG uses "Frak" is actually a throw back to the original series in the late 70s. On that they also used words like "Gafalgafarb". Lets be honest here. They are an extra-solar race of beings that also happen to speak English but not write it.

In interest of full disclosure I agree with R Dukes on the usage of colorful language in tv. I even agree with its use in everyday life. I cannot remember a time that has gone by when I didn’t refer to Dukes as a douche. To me they are synonymous.

erik said...

nice gay reference