Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Time to rip shit up...

Well its here so get at it...

Whilst I am off on the west coast in mid 70's weather the rest of my cronies are stuck in the barren wasteland of chicago where its cold. Merry Saturnalia to you DBs and since most of my posts have a video attached here you go

Friday, December 21, 2007

Now that Friday is over with

If you don't know, RDuce is a big fan of hockey. So when hes not spending time vacationing like a member of the Griswald family, he goes to a game or two. In fact the last one we went to ended up a bit like this for him...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why corporations and people sucks ass...

So I was made to exercise my utmost restraint today when I was witness to the ineptitude of life in corporate America. Now these same circumstances could exist in every employment environment and by god if they do all hope for this world that I might of had has been flushed like a turd. And now for my story...

We were called into a quarterly meeting to discuss some relatively useless shit today. In truth I would say 4/5 of this meeting was pointless chest beating by the heads of the respective departments.

For my portion of this meeting, as it was spread across several locations therefore making it a "virtual" meeting, took place in a small conference room. In this room there was a long table with a projector displaying slides of the meetings various topics. Although there were maybe 12 people in the room I was sat near the far end of the table away from the projection screen.

The projector was placed too close to the screen making the slides difficult to read for those of us on the opposite side of the room. Being proactive I asked the person who set up the projector to move, actually I said scoot, the projector back a few inches to increase the size on the screen.

His reply.... Uhhhhh. Which translates to no.

We then suffered through some more slides and when some guy, who I have never seen before in my life, was explaining a slide that must of included his entire CV as well as the first few chapters of War and Peace I knew i had enough. I then approached my boss and asked him to move it. He then said something to his boss. She the fooled with the video cable and then consulted with her boss who was the host of the meeting.

After this seemingly simple request filtered its way up the chain of command the eventual outcome from my bosses bosses boss was for those of us in the back of the room to "move up." I neglected to mention that the meeting was temporarily stopped while the potential move of a overhead projector was discussed.

I hate people...

Update from RDukes: Um, please phrase posts in terms of "awesome/nawesome" and not the "suckiness" paradigm.

And yes, I did just add to the Aw-Some Blog lexicon. Since I love corporations and efficiency, I've shortened "not awesome" to "nawesome".

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Awesome Ramblings

So, here's some thoughts on things in no particular order...

-Jamie Lynn Spears, 16 years old, is pregnant. It's not all that unusual for a 16 year old to get pregnant, but it's rare to hear of a 16 year old celebrity (is she one?) getting knocked up. I'm loving all the discussion of what kind of message this sends to other 16 year olds.

-Undercover cop banged on my door today. He had what looked to be a warrant and was looking for my neighbor. Just like I learned on "The Wire", I didn't say a word. I ain't no snitch! Plus, I really don't know anything about the neighbor in question, other than the fact that she's not around much.

-A friend of mine described someone I know as a "wet fart". He's right on with the assessment too. That's probably the worst thing you can say about another person. There's nothing good or funny about a "wet fart", or shart. And so if that's what you're like, a bit of shit juice in the underwear and on my asscrack, you really fucking suck. And if a nice guy like my friend thinks you're a "wet fart", you might be the worst person in the world.

-The opposite of a "wet fart" is the new Lupe Fiasco album, The Cool. Just downloaded it yesterday, and I have to say, it's pret-ty good. Check out his video for "Dumb It Down":

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Awesomeness from my Childhood

Though I no longer watch (fake) professional wrestling, it was, upon much reflection, a big part of my childhood. I remember watching WWF and then wrestling with my father as early as 3 or 4 years old. Gotta say, it was pretty awesome.

I continued to watch wrestling through my teens (and for a brief period, again, in college), and "The Ultimate Warrior" was one of my favorite wrestlers (favorite tag team: "Legion of Doom", previously known as "Road Warriors"). Sometimes taking a fresh look at your favorite childhood things isn't a good idea. This isn't one of those times. Clearly, I knew awesome from an early age. Just check out what "the Warrior" had to say to the "Warrior Nation".