Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Go Away...I'm Bait'n

With the huge focus on political events over the past year not to mention that we are in an election year, its hard to go about your day without being inundated with rhetoric. For those of you that missed the recent SOTU address I have linked here probably the best comparative analysis you will ever find.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thursday is going to be Na-Nawsome

Why may you ask.....

Cause one of the best shows on TV right now is coming back. LOST. Its pretty fucking rad. I do admit that it lost some steam as of lately but the previews for this season are off the chain.

In honor of that I present you the following.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Fuck. Heath Ledger is really dead. Now my life is over.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fitting, perhaps ironic, and definitely N'Awesome

So, here's another tale from my soccer-fight league:

It's playoff time folks. Our sucky team rallied late in the season and rode into the playoffs on a 2 game win streak. We had a game tonight at 10:45pm. You know, the natural time to play a soccer game on a weekday. I wore my long-sleeved Amnesty International shirt to the game. Our team was depleted and only had two subs. We're losing 4 or 5-1 with about 2 minutes left. I'm thankful to be on the bench grabbing a breather (I logged lots of minutes tonight, only taking about 6 minutes worth of bench time). Then it happened.

I don't see the initial foul on our player, but I did see the reaction of our goalie, who ran over and pushed the offending player hard into the boards.


The other guy proceeds to throw a wild haymaker (not like the kind they teach me in my MMA class) that lands. Benches clear, and I hobble back onto the field to play the role of peacemaker. To my knowledge, no more punches were thrown, but folks on both sides were being douchey. The ref kicks the punch-thrower and one of our players who was getting wild out of the game. In fact, the ref brilliantly told both players to leave the benches, and they did so at the exact same time. The two buddies continue to discuss Motzart as they walked next to each other.

And, surprise, surprise. The original puncher laid my teammate out with a shot to the eye. We all run off the field (mind you, there's still time left in the game) to "break it up". I get there to actually help break it up. This little melee drags all the way to the exit where one of my other teammates nobly but stupidly tries to stop the puncher from leaving the building until the police arrive by grabbing a hold of his shirt. At this point, it's him, me, and 2 more of our players and the rest of their team (8-10). It was split-second from being an all-out brawl in the lobby area. Thankfully for my face, I was able to get our guy to see the futility of attempting to keep the puncher in the building.

Pretty shitty experience. I've been in a number of soccer fights, but they've always stayed on the field. Had anyone else besides this one douche bag thrown a punch, I'm not sure how the brawl would've been broken up. There was NO one around. My teammate's face is cut and bruised along the eye area. The security at this joint is non-existent (the guys who used to run the league hired an off-duty cop for security--that would've been helpful here).

Stupid Amnesty International shirt. Way to bring the nonviolence.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So for a bit I have been struggling with a somewhat broken computer. I cant play games on it but I also haven't been to quick to diagnose the problem. Ill either get around to fixing it or just put a new one together. But tonight as I sat writing an email on my laptop my TV stopped working. Right in front of my fucking eyes my TV gave out.

I have done the requisite online reading and will attempt a repair tomorrow but come fucking on I just got through Christmas and spent a shit load of money only to have my TV fucking die. Lame. I kinda feel like this guy right now...