Monday, February 25, 2008

Training for my upcoming bout.

I know the ones of readers out there are dying to hear about the training for my upcoming boxing exhibition is going. In short, it's going great. I haven't had to change my eating or drinking or drugging habits one bit. In fact, sometimes I drink a bit before training!

But seriously, I'm all about focus for this upcoming bout against Eric Roberts...yes, that Eric Roberts. The one who went to Conant High School (and who may or may not have starred in 1989's Best of the Best), the same school of my wife.

Needless to say, I've been pumping HGH to prepare for the fight. I've also been training with Steve Brule.

Additionally, I'm sparring with the bouncer from Matilda's. And my buddy from Matilda's isn't the best sparring partner. He likes to swing for the fences (which my nose doesn't appreciate as evidenced by the blood trickling down to the moustache). In fact, the other day, more seasoned guys around the ring suggested we (read: him) take it down a notch since this was only training. Though I aprreciated getting popped in the nose a few times, I have to agree, taking it down a level would be nice. I mean, we both suck. The least we can do is attempt to get better at actually boxing.

But seriously. I'm looking forward to whooping up on Julia Roberts' brother. Best of the Best? How about Awesomest of the Awesomest?


Zachary C said...

You have the Eye of the Tiger my friend.

an optimistic misanthrope said...

The stink-eye of the tiger...

RDukes said...

I'm really just hoping my Irish roots translate into some decent novice fighting talent.

I was thinking of wearing one of them t-shirts with the muscles printed on...think that would help?

Zachary C said...

I think a bitching mustache would give you the biggest edge.