Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

Let's just say I'm not challenging Kimbo Slice anytime soon. Enjoy my suffering.

Something New Already

Actually RDukes has promised a post for later today. Unlike me he is actually working at work. This is just a shout out to one of our half dozen fans.

Monday, March 10, 2008


The Dukes in white
And the winner is...Not RDukes.

First of all let me start by saying that his bout was probably the most evenly matched of the night. It seems as though the academy that sponsored the event has a predilection to mismatch their opponents if given the opportunity. There were several lame ass matches between 7 year old precious snowflakes which served no point but to make me wish I was drinking. The other bouts were paired by selecting a guy that obviously had practiced with some jackass that had just signed up. This was never more apparent then during one of the first boxing matches when the blue corner opened up with a flurry of punches somewhat reminiscent of a gran mal seizure. Needless to say this guy got beat. Nawsome for him good for the guy who won.

Now we get to the reason behind this post. If we ignore the ring announcer mispronounce the name of our fighter and move on overall the bout went real well. Although he was caught with 1 good punch 25 seconds in the rest of the 2 round bout went very well. Both of the fighters were well paced and evenly matched for this exhibition. In watching the replay of the bout there were some irregularities in the time management but neither fighter complained.
In the end it came to a split decision in favor of the opponent. So as it stands bad guys 1, good guys 0.
Lets just say that the win was theved.

Friday, March 7, 2008

On the morning of the eve of RDukes asskicking...

So I will not try to hide the fact that I spend a small majority of my day scouring the Internets for things and such. I try to read up on a wide array of things that may include politics, technology, and porn. I really enjoy Its a news aggregator site that will offer little snippets of info from all over the world. Every now and then I come across some shit that is mind boggling. I found this link on their page this morning. It is somewhat disturbing to me but its getting harder to "distrub" me these days. To be honest more often than not it just makes me sad to realize how F'd in the A we are as a species...
Case in point the Playmobil Security Check Point.

What the fuck????
The only thing that gives me solace is the fact that people don't take this stuff seriously. Just read the customer reviews for a good laugh...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ohio you lack good judgement. And you suck.

In addition to being an extremely long and boring state to get through when one drives from Chicago to the East Coast, you're clearly a state that lacks good judgement.

First you put George W. over the top in 2004. Real nice.

Now you racist-ly choose a white woman over a qualified black man (c'mon, they have the offensive Chief Wahoo as the mascot of the Cleveland Indians)? Way to keep up the tradition of stupid decisions.

And you know what really gets me, if NAFTA and the economy are your biggest concerns, how do you go with the wife of the guy who pushed NAFTA through? You actually buy that she's remorseful about it passing?

If I may be permitted to use a sports analogy: Your support of Clinton is akin to the state of Ohio voting Michael Jordan's game-winning jumpers over Craig Ehlo as the greatest NBA play ever (which, of course, they are).

Monday, March 3, 2008

Youth Vote and E-quakes.

Not much to say with this post. I'll let the video clip do the talking.

Two words for this clip...



Saturday, March 1, 2008

Soccer comes to CA politics...

Looks like the a member of the City of Carson council has been taking acting lessons from the Italian National Football team... If anyone wonders about the state of local politics this is probably a prime example. Here are a few local cuckolds in the midst of a constant pissing contest. Somewhat typical.

If you need further proof look no further than the recent budget negotiations in Cook County... It magically ran down to the wire when amazingly at the 11th hour both sides reached a compromise that will effect everyone but the entrenched Stroger camp....Lame.