Saturday, March 1, 2008

Soccer comes to CA politics...

Looks like the a member of the City of Carson council has been taking acting lessons from the Italian National Football team... If anyone wonders about the state of local politics this is probably a prime example. Here are a few local cuckolds in the midst of a constant pissing contest. Somewhat typical.

If you need further proof look no further than the recent budget negotiations in Cook County... It magically ran down to the wire when amazingly at the 11th hour both sides reached a compromise that will effect everyone but the entrenched Stroger camp....Lame.

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RDukes said...

Dude, I wouldn't put Todd Stroger in the same league as the woman who took a "dive". Wow. That was awesome.

What's going through her mind during the 5 seconds when she makes the decision to fall to the ground after getting a light slap on the back of her head?