Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Its a major awesome alert when Deadliest Catch starts up again. If you don't watch this show you should, if you watch it then you know what I am talking about. Sure this may be just a guy thing and I know its no Desperate Housewives but check out this clip and you tell me which is tougher...crab fisherman or Teri Hatcher.


RDukes said...

Best thing about this post is the tag: "Crabs (the good kind)".

Crabs are hacks! (see comment from previous post for reference)

Zachary C said...

I hate the outside, but this show makes me want to move to Alaska.

I would rock the Northwestern.

RDukes said...

dude...Alaska would eat you alive. Same goes for me...but this show only confirms for me that I do NOT want to be on any of those ships.