Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Liberty City: Day 1

Great opening story line about, I was right, a European immigrant (Bosnian, I think) arriving via ship to Liberty City to hit the jackpot with his big-shot cousin who owns a mansion. Or so he thinks, based on the letters his cousin sent.

As we all know, cousins be lying. In reality, his cousin Roman lives in a shit-hole and works as a taxi dispatch.

What's a brother to do? Well, if you're me, you get nabbed by the cops twice in the first 5 minutes after bullying the locals (they don't go down so easy).

Then I drove Roman around a bit (and saved him from some loan shark thugs). I finished my early morning off with a date to the bowling alley with Michelle.

I didn't hop online for the multi-player yet. It generally takes me a bit to get acclimated to the controls, and I didn't want to be a walking target for legitimate nerds who are actually good at gaming.

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an optimistic misanthrope said...

Easy there...Weeks not over yet. I’m just a day behind with the post. BTW I want to see what GTA is like. Everything I’ve seen enters it in the Awesome category. Not awesome like you but actually awesome in a good way.