Sunday, April 20, 2008

My now weekly Awesome/ Nawsome list...

It goes without saying that I am engaged in many extracurricular activities, most of which are not sports related. I watch enough tv for 2, surf the Internet more than you will ever, watch about 3-5 movies a week, and play more video games than you (and I play them better than RDukes*). So keeping this in mind I will now try to update some of my opinions on what I find out there so you nerds can keep up.

Movie- Lion for Lambs:
I really liked this movie. Sure it bled into the sycophantic and was just enough over the PC line for hollywood to think that they made a point, but nonetheless I liked it. The movie itself does a good job in drawing out most of the parts of our political/ sociological culture and doesn't villianize a particular one. I could only wish that they would add a representative voice like my own in there. I wouldn't even need any lines just a pan and pause to show my contempt. Something like this: 'Camera pans left across the classroom mid debate and pauses on a man wearing a hoodie and jeans looking disappointed at his fellow classmates, specifically Anthony Demagio.'

TV- I know I made a post about Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. Not even one day after I posted about my bro-mance with Deadliest Catch I read this... . My faith in reality TV has been shook. =Nawsome

Baseball- The Cubs are 12-6. doing ok but why the fuck does Dempster go Chernobyl in the fifth inning today. Result= Cubs win, but potential for Nawesomeness was there.

*This excludes all versions of Madden

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RDukes said...

Few points:
1. Giving up 3 runs in a blowout shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as N'Awesome.

2. Change that * to reflect reality...I house you in all PS3 games, owing to your inability to adjust to the controller. Can't wait to jack you in GTA4.

3. Once again, best thing about this post is in the tags.