Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The weekly list for the painfully impatient

I may be a little late in this post but the truth is I don't really care. Now some of you may think that I was too lazy to post this on Monday and to those people I say, so fucking what. And now here's the short list...

First- As noted below GTA 4 came out and its awesome. Probably the best part is the online feature which allows you to senselessly beat up other people or to resign yourself to being a taxi driver. Nice.

- This weeks only nawesome mention goes to RDukes. He created a poll just to point out the fact that I didn't post this earlier. Now some may say that he was doing that to be funny and to attempt to give me shit. I think that he just misses me and was mad that I didn't come over to his place at midnight to play GTA 4. Suck it nerd. At least Ive never pre-ordered a video game and picked it up at midnight.

- This one is a clip packed with awesomeness. If you don't laugh at this you are fucking lame.

Fourth- I saw Cloverfield. If you take a movie shot entirely from the perspective of a handy cam, threw in a couple hot chicks, one giant fucking monster, a few smaller monsters, and a whole bunch of death you would have this movie. I know there are some parts of the movie that are poorly done, I above all other people will recognize this, but I thought it was good. If you factor in the limitations of shooting a movie entirely from the first person point of view it will allow you to forgive some of the plot holes. If you hated The Blair Witch then you should like this movie.


RDukes said...

Dude, that Brit has nearly as much game as you do, 'Thrope.

Zachary C said...

Kicking dogs is always a good time. They should put that shit in the Olympics.