Friday, April 18, 2008

What the fuck is the matter with people?

So, I live in a building with some folks who are, I presume, in a higher tax bracket than I am (one dude owns a Dodge Viper...we own a '99 Sun Fire). Now, I'm a bit of a Marxist, but I try not to let this fact impact my opinions of my neighbors.

But these motherfuckers that I share a building with are making it tough.

Since we moved in last February, we've been subject to broadly accusatory emails from others in the building from everything to garbage issues, garage doors left open, and now, a dirty elevator floors. To be sure, all of these are legit issues to raise...assuming you don't raise them as though everyone else in the building is an ASS-HOLE.

Sample email exchange (regarding minor spill in elevator which I had nothing to do with):

Jerk 1: "Wanted to determine when is the next cleaning? Someone spilled something in the middle of the elevator and I am sure we would like it cleaning fairly soon."
Hmm...time it took you to write email...could've cleaned spill yourself...lazy fuck.

Jerk 2: "Whoever spilled in the elevator.....clean it up!!!"
Umm, how do you know it isn't the tenant you rent to, dumb ass?

Jerk 3 (me): "Maybe I just have a high opinion of my neighbors, but I assume if it was one of us, we'd clean it up. More likely, it was a visitor. I'm happy to clean up the spill. Should take about a minute."
Wow, sounds like a reasonable position after some beer and whiskey.

Now, granted, I was drunk when I responded with this last email. However, there is a consistent pattern of idiots shooting off emails accusing every other owner in the building of being negligent. Rather than giving the benefit of the doubt (as I did--pinning it on jerk-ass visitors...), they assume that other residents in the building just suck ass.

I know, I know. Poor me. I have idiot neighbors. But seriously. How about some email etiquette?

Fucking rich people.

Fucking white people.

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Zachary C said...

What kind of weird white person thing is it having an email list for your building? I prefer to just silently loathe my neighbors for no good reason, and therefor avoid all contact with them. Maybe that's just me though.