Monday, May 5, 2008

A douches excuse for a list

So Ill be brief in my intro but this past week/ weekend worked out pretty well. So enough of that and on with the list...

First- Awesome goes to the guvment. I got my economic stimulus check and put it to work fixing the country. So in essence this is a co-awesome as I helped to save the economy.

B- Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This movie is pretty awesome. Of all the Aptow movies Ive seen this one is at the top. Even though there are several gratuitous wang shots this movie pulls it off really well. And besides what red blooded American male doesn't appreciate the occasional cock? I know I do.

#Trois- Me. Lets just say that I was able to yet again pull off a classic performance on Saturday night. There may have been some drinking involved but my night culminated with me yelling "DOUCHE" repeatedly at a douche walking past me in a crosswalk on Halsted. Awesome move by me.