Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Snap!!

Well lets get off of moms for now because I just got off of a nasty three way with Dukes's mom and his wife's mom. Lets just say there was something that his mom wanted to try called a "rusty trombone". I didn't know what it was but I went along with it anyway.

So now here is my list...

1- This weeks first nawesome nomination is work. Fuck it. I need to win the lottery or finally take Dukes mom up on that whole sugar momma thing.

2- This weeks second entry on the nawesome list is people. I really dont like em.

3- Well this is more of a neutral entry neither awesome or nawsome in that it deals with SNL. This show has gone from good to bad to good again to horrible and now it is so awful that it needs to be cancelled. Then again things like this show some promise.....

1 comment:

RDukes said...

Way to live up to your name, buddy.

Re: SNL, I agree, it generally sucks. However, if there is a decent sketch or two, they are at the beginning. This one qualifies as decent.