Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A short week...listed.

I hope everybody had a good holiday weekend and honored the troops by driving long distances and grilling processed meats. I know I did.

first- Awesome goes to Memorial Day weekend. I love an extra day off. It rules.

second- Im going to give Guitar Hero an awesome cause I can. I wasnt sure if I was going to like it but after a couple of trys I got into it and was able to hang with RDukes who spent most of the last week playing that game while he was supposed to be working. I now want to try Rock Band so I can suck at drums too.

Again RDukes gets a nawsome nomination. He is the one person on this blog that would contribute meaningful comments and ideas. My posts are more of the variety that reflect my level of maturity. For some time RDukes would post about things we should care about like world events, politics, and election issues. Where as I post about things we should care less about like tv, video games, and Afghanistan. We need him to pull more of his weight around here.

last- Henry Jones Jr. and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I saw this on Sunday and it was not too bad but fails to be awesome. In its simplest it isnt any better or worse than the last one.


Anonymous said...

you don't think the new indiana jones was worse than the last one?

oh, you're wrong. it's RIDICULOUS. so unbelievable.

RDukes said...

Hmm, you think you can hang with RDukey on Guitar Hero? That would require that you be capable of finishing more than Slow Ride on easy.

an optimistic misanthrope said...

For the record I finished Even Flow on easy...slow ride was too hard.