Wednesday, September 3, 2008

recorded/live-blogging on Palin speech

It's been a while...but I think this warrants a post.

Quick wrap-up: Lamer and N'awesomer than I expected. Similar to a Nickelback show opened by Nickleback.

11:51pm--D'oh. Recording stopped. It's just as well. Not sure I like this McCain-Palin ticket. I mean I'm white and all. I'm just not sure Republican white.

11:49pm--Pan across the crowd...douche bags abound.

11:48pm--And the red meat continues...civil rights are for pussies (credit to the wife for that line).

11:46pm--Man, I think Michelle might want to whoop up on this bitch. For what it's worth, I think it'd be a good fight.

11:41pm--I think I just heard her say she nationalized oil production in Alaska. Wow, this is getting good.

11:38pm--OMG. The Republicans just had a collective orgasm when she knocked the media elite. Wonder if Fox News is a part of that establishment. Someone grab a towel.

11:36pm--Oh snap. No she didn't. She just dissed community organizers. Oh, it's on. I'm about to do a strategy chart and some relational meetings now.

11:34pm--I wish Bob Probert would drop the gloves with this "hockey-mom".

11:32pm--Loving the all-black back drop for Palin...countering those of us who commented on the lack of diversity in the crowd. This just in: Palin still loves America. And she's proud of it.

11:31pm--Republican's just clapped for unions...kind of. Wait, I can't hear...Cindy McCain's dress is too loud.

11:30pm--Seriously, this is like listening to a PTA president talk about how reading is important.

11:27pm--news flash: Palin's proud of the troops. And a chant of "USA, USA" breaks out.

11:25PM--Put our country first. Message of the night. That's opposed to Obama/Biden's platform of putting Australia first.

11:22pm--What's the "S" in John S. McCain stand for? Sadaam?

11:21pm--is she from Alaska or Wisconsin? Sounds like a cheesehead.

11:20pm--they're still clapping...c'mon. Let's save that for Barack.

11:18pm--I see white people. Not an original observation regarding Republicans, I know. But sheez, let some people of color in. Even Palin's wardrobe lacks color.

11:17pm--the wife is tired and wants to fast-forward through Sir 9/11. I'm certain we missed nothing.

11:16pm--Mr. 9/11 is up first. Sucky speaker. Can't believe he makes millions making speeches for a living.


Zachary C said...

Is this your triumphant return?

Erik said...

thank god you're back. palin is scary.

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